Ozzmond (Shut up and sing along)

Well I've got a guitar and a six-pack, oh yeah

And all the time in the world

The summer is over now

But we still have a chance to party

Give me a beer, I'll sing you a song

Later we could be friends somehow

You might always end up dead

I don't want to drink alone for you

So, will you bury me if I rest my eyes

Will you sing to me - sing loud

Will you have a speech - have a short one

Let them have a drink for me

There will be a day when we all look back in time when life was good for fools

My friend don't worry now

You can always worry tomorrow

You might loose your heart and mind

Punk rock songs will keep you alive

Somewhere must be someone

For the one you'll need to sing

How about poetry
Ozzmond (Shut up and sing along)

Guitar, country songs and beer

We sit on the street tonight

The dusk will soon be with us

Magic on the streets

Makes us feel like careless kids

These corners aren't used to this

We'll laugh for the sleep we'll miss

And then the cops showed up

They know what we don't know

Quit the noise, it's not allowed

How about poetry

-Not allowed, no

We can't be so quiet

We need to live the moment, so

How about poetry

Now there's a quiet laugh on hold

I'll never be silent and old

The dusk will soon be with us

Magic on the streets

Not allowed, says the police

The music died and crowd went home

For the last laugh our pants went down

Don't know about tomorrow

The rules may always chance

Until that I won't behave

I'm a punk
Ozzmond (Shut up and sing along)

I'm out of the society

I'm not a puppet of them corporations

I'll fucking vote with my three feet

While they sail with their sponsorships

Fuck shit fuck

I'm a punk, I'm a punk, I'm a punk fucking rocker

I'm a punk, I'm a punk fucking rock

I'm a punk, I'm a punk, I'm a punk fucking rocker

I'm useless for the corruption

Brainwash your dreams you'll see

Late night in your t.v.

Lock yourself inside, guard your own

Learn to hate what is not well-known

Fuck shit fuck

Follow the guide to see all the sights

Don't eat if there's no famous signs

All you need to know you'll find in the zoo

Support the troops they must kill for you

Fuck that shit

I don't wanna know
Ozzmond (Shut up and sing along)

We were going out not knowing, broken hearts would tear us apart

Hugging in heat, nothing between us but sweat turning to tears someday

Another day took another way, someone else broke in to the scene

Lights were dimming, minds went swimming, left nothing but your lines to read

And I don't wanna know did you love me did you not

You're still pretty, I'm still pretty fool

And I don't wanna know if you love him if you don't

I'm still pretty fool, he's pretty cool

Babe, I saw you walking alone, too, meeting someone up on the hill

Call me a drunk fool, passing out soon, I love your eyes them both made me cry oneday

You know I'm a joke, but once you chose me for the dummy to test your love

Crashing hard in to two parts in no time my heart failed and replaced

Yeah yeah

Fuck hell yeah

Fuck hell yeah

Yeah yeah yeah

Texas Jesús
Ozzmond (Shut up and sing along)

So many springs ago, one crazy afternoon

This looney crew hit the town

Crazy memories

Out of a comic book, runaways from the zoo

Hell break loose on the show

Texas Jesus, the band of thousand beers, we drank, we played the Ramones all night

So many years have passed, so many afternoons

Those goofy tunes makes me smile

Crazy memories

Out of my record shelf those words I can't spell

Brennivin, Jaeja vinur