What do you like to do with your time?

Eat. Sleep. Relax. Hang out. Party. Travel. Play. Paint. Sing. Swim. Walk. Love. Read. Watch. Listen. Learn. Teach. Enjoy. What else? Answer to yourself and do it. That's how I started to play punk rock. Not because I wanted to know how to do it. I wanted to know how it feels to do it. I'm not very good guitarist or singer. And the best songs in the world have already been made. -Like the best meal you had a long time ago…

Everyone has their history. Well, I don't want to bore you with years and dates. There are too many numbers to remember anyway. The most important date is today. Are you using your time like you want to? Do you want to spend your time reading some punk's memoirs? Fuuuck!

So, if you're not going to bed, why not to go and see if there's some sorry-ass punk rocker playing in your corner bar. Check it out, sing along, meet people or just chill by yourself and enjoy the atmosphere. If that's me who's whining on the stage, come and say hello!

Today is the only day to make memories.

So, let's go out, let's have fun! Let's forget all the stress and frustration and let's enjoy the moment! Today is the greatest day! -Or if you're tired, it could be tomorrow. Probably maybe anyway.